Swachh Dhara

An ecosystem of providing a one stop solution for waste management

SwachhDhara is a concept for a portable toilet system that :

  • 1) Offers a better and more affordable alternative to public toilets and open defecation.
  • 2) Facilitates quick & easy installation, within a duration of 8-10 working hours.
  • 3) Promotes personal hygiene.
  • 4) Reduces the bacterial hazard and spread of diseases.
  • 5) Minimises water consumption.
  • 6) Reduces maintenance costs

The Agratha Academy

The Agratha Academy, currently recognised by the State of Gujarat is proposing to seek affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the coming years. This is a contemporary urban school, spread over 8 acres of land.

Our motto is : “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”

We Aim To Provide :

  • 1) Opportunities for our students, which are a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular studies such as cultural and sports education.
  • 2) Developing environment which acts as a catalyst for them to grow intellectually, artis|tically, ath-letically and morally.
  • 3) Taking up programmes and initiatives that gives every child a chance to outperform, explore and grow.